We at Hero Dose are psychonauts who have set out to create a lifestyle brand that brings the imagery of your mind into the world. Altered states of consciousness unleash a world of possibilities, opening up the inner mind to your outer being.


It’s no secret that when you enjoy mind-altering substances, you have a unique experience that inspires art, creativity, and connection. This is why our mission at Hero Dose is to bridge the gap between mind + matter.




Hero Dose are art enthusiasts creating a new age of artistic expression. Gone are the days of tie-dye shirts with dancing bears. We are partnered with the world’s best contemporary urban and psychedelic artists to craft modern apparel collections and digital art (NFTs) to pay homage to your psychotropic adventures.





It started when C and J, two childhood friends, realized they both shared a love for psychedelic art. They were both excited about the resurgence of psychedelia and the growing community of psychonauts but realized that there was no one brand that appealed to their unique sense of style. So, C and J pooled their resources to create their own brand, Hero Dose.


They wanted to create a modern aesthetic that would set Hero Dose apart from other psychedelic apparel brands stuck in the past. So, they commissioned original art from psychedelic, street, and music industry artists that they would incorporate into Hero Dose apparel. They’ve partnered with some of the most talented artists on the scene to produce visionary clothing and art.


The Hero Dose mission has always been simple: to create the best quality apparel for psychonauts. Thanks to its passionate community of customers and artists, Hero Dose is quickly becoming a leading force in the psychedelic fashion scene.



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