Chris Dyer

LOCATION: Montreal, CA

ABOUT Chris Dyer:

Chris Dyer grew up and lived in Lima, Peru until age 17 where he was involved in 80s skateboarding, 90s surfing, and street gang destructive activities. He then moved to Canada to study art for many years. These days, Chris spends half of his time on the road making and spreading his art worldwide as he explores many cultures.

Chris’ exploration of inner worlds and his ability to juggle mediums, styles, and themes have made his art stand out in many different art movements – especially the psychedelic art movement. Because of his unique style of psychedelic art and high productivity, Chris has become one of the leading figures of the North American Visionary Art scene. This position has given him the chance to act as a bridge between that spiritual movement and the less typical “conscious” art scenes he is part of, like the street and skate art movements.